While opposition and government had taken a very progressive way out of the crisis in recent weeks, Ukraine made a surprising and sudden return in international affairs with clashes on Tuesday. With at least 26 people - 16 civilians and 10 policemen - the record is the heaviest ever recorded since late November and early rallies on Maidan. In the center of Kiev, the Independence Square was nearly completely taken yesterday morning by "Berkut" reviled the riot police charged the protesters the day before a column of opponents coming towards Parliament for the departure of President Viktor Yanukovych. "It's hard to go back to a peaceful process " Beyond members of the nationalist party Svoboda ("Freedom" in Ukrainian), suspected of toppling a statue of Lenin in the capital in December, the opposition includes other more or less militant extremists. Thus Praviy Sektor, a motley group of football fans ultras or Afghanistan veterans, alongside the traditional political parties. The opposition would be allowed to overflow? "The regime is certainly corrupt and authoritarian, but Viktor Yanukovych was elected democratically. And on the other side, all the opponents are not reasonable or frequentable people. Blood flowed, it will be very difficult to return to a peaceful process, "Arnaud Dubien, director of the Franco-Russian Observatory analysis. The horrified reactions of European governments are not more answers believes that good connoisseur of Ukraine. "Instead of accusing each other of interference, the major powers should agree to take the country out of the crisis. Ukrainians did not derive all alone. " Thus, Moscow yesterday asked the European Union to convince the opposition to cooperate with the authorities. Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin called to discuss the subject. At the edge of default Except that the clock is ticking. Ukraine, who should receive this week a slice of Russian aid two billion dollars (in addition to three billion already paid), is on the brink of default. Without significant reforms, lend money to the Ukrainian government is equivalent to throw it out the window, basically said the International Monetary Fund in December. Russia, like the European Union, interest in the situation stabilizes. It remains to find the solution in Ukraine. But the events of recent days have raised fears a "scenario dismemberment" of the country, says Arnaud Dubien: the western regions, the cradle of nationalism could "no longer accept the authority of the central government in Kiev." Language, religion, history, east and west of the country, each is its culture. "Previous presidents have always managed to find compromises, observes Arnaud Dubien. There, the abyss is yawning. "And Ukraine walking on a wire.